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Dancing With The Stars Review


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Each week Imperial Society of Teachers of Dacning Fellow and Examiner Phillip Stephens offers a review of the ABC hit show Dancing With The Stars. Phillip shares his thoughts on each couple, their costumes, their performance, their score, the judges' comments, etc, and offers great insight into the world of dancing. Click here for this weeks review

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If you'd like to become a dance teacher, or wish to gain professional degree certification as a dance educator or judge, contact Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Fellow and Examiner Phillip Stephens via philtex44@aol.com. The ISTD was founded in London, England, in 1904 and encompasses a wide range of dance styles. In the more than 100 years of its existence, the ISTD has become known as the World's Leading Dance Examinations Board.


Dancing With The Stars Week 7

Dancing With The Stars 10/26/2015 Review
Phillip B Stephens, Fellow and Examiner
Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
Halloween night.  Quite a nice routine to Boris Karloff's "Monster Mash".  Great makeup and costumes
Nick Carter & Sharna Burgess.  - Frankenstein and bride.  Argentine Tango.
He implied that a perfect score might be "given" to him?  Here's a news flash, Nick, EVERYBODY must earn their perfect scores.  He looks awkward and unrehearsed in this performance.  Some nice material, but too many lifts and not enough dancing.  This was not all that pleasant to watch and I would not give it any high marks.  Julianne and Bruno both noted that there was not enough Argentine Tango, and that the material presented featured too little authentic Argentine Tango for their taste.  Kari Ann thought Nick was sexy??? (Was that a professional observation or are her hormones in overdrive again?)  24, which is the highest I would go for that performance.
Hayes Grier - Emma Slater. Dance of the Werewolf. 
In the video package, he was on about his age, the responsibilities he must bear because of being so young, his low scores for wk 6 and that he doesn't want to disappoint Emma.  Such drama for one so young! He has talent along with good timing and a sense of flair, but he often blocks it, especially in partnership position.  This routine featured some lovely material - and I know he tried hard and did look fairly confident - but it was not executed all that well.  Bruno gave false praise, if you ask me.  Kari Ann was a bit disappointed.  Julianne thought he was a "leading man" tonight???  (Perhaps they saw something I missed?)  26 was a bit high for that performance.  Were they pandering to all his fans to keep them sending positive tweets?
Alexa PenaVega & Mark Ballas - An Edward Scissors-hand inspired Paso Doble.
There she goes with all the tears and whining - SOOOO my favorite thing (not).  IMO, Mark gets into his own drama too much and detracts from his celebrety's performance.  Alexa is doing a good job with this routine, though I don't know what the sparsely foliaged dancing shrubs were supposed to add to the overall picture.  It would have made more sense if he had trimmed the shrubs a bit.  Alexa's performance was good, though I didn't care much for most of the choreography.  A lot of praise from the judges.  I must admit that she presented everything quite nicely, I just didn't really care for the overall theme.  27, which was a bit high, IMO
Tamar Braxton & Val Chmerkovskiy.  Foxtrot to "People are Strange"
She said she's probably the best dancer in the competition.  It's OK to THINK that, but a bit arrogant to SAY that sort of thing.  Nice moves and good lines.  Their lines and moves didn't match well in several places.   Her frame is very weak in closed position.  Maybe someone should point out that the dancers she thinks she's better than are actually doing a better job?  They really shouldn't call this a Foxtrot as there was hardly any Foxtrot in it.  I agree with Julianne that they didn't match well in closed position.  Bruno noted the lack of smoothness in going in and out of hold.  Kari Ann also noted mistakes and lack of synchronicity.  24, which was appropriate for that performance.
Andy Grammer & Allison Holker.  Paso Doble to "Beautiful People"
She is putting pressure on both of them because they got a perfect score last week and she now wants EVERYTHING to be perfect.  I like his attitude.  He certainly has some drama going on in this opening.  His arm lines not always clean and his legs are a bit untidy in places.  Posture off here and there and certainly didn't show that classicly arrogant bullfighter look associated with Paso Doble.  he did present great timing and a very strong performance of difficult choreography, but I would say Paso Doble is not his forte. The female judges were a bit bonkers with their "praiseful" comments, though they did both agree with "spot on" Bruno, who noted Andy's faults quite succinctly.  26 was pretty accurate for that performance.
Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough.  Argentine Tango
Fabulous makeup, hair and outfit.  Her timing and change from pose to pose is very precise.   For a non-dancer, she does beautiful leg and footwork. She is a dynamic performer both with a partner and during her solo work.  I really enjoyed the ending of this routine.  This was undeniably the best number so far in this show.  The judges were rightly praiseful regarding the strength of that performance.  I loved that Bindi went from fiercely scary to "squeaky" with true appreciation of their compliments.  30 - and absolutely deserved.
Alek Skarlatos & Lyndsay Arnold. Viennese Waltz
He had the cheek to say that the judges don't know what they're talking about?  A recent non-dancer who is now an expert? Did he and Tamar have drinks together and bolster each other's egos?  His demeaner is too intense and his performance of fundamental Viennese Waltz is rather  jumpy-bumpy.  Overall good posture and more facial expression than in past performances and he should score better than last week, but he has a LONG way to go to get to the level of expertise that he seems to feel he's already achieved.  The judges were very accurate with their comments.  25
Carlos PenaVega & Witney Carson. Paso Doble - Phantom of the Opera theme
Carlos is doing an excellent job with this very fast-paced and quite difficult routine.  His posture, timing, lines and positions are all very nice.  He is definitely a strong contender.  I think he and Bindi will be vying for the trophy. The judges were fair and balanced in their comments.  I really enjoy Carlos's enthusiasm.  28, and well deserved.
Nick - Team Nightmare - Nick, Hayes, Tamar and Andy
I like the costumes. Good synchronization.  Everyone looks equally confident.  None of them look noticeably like amateurs.  Although all are dancing strongly, the pros are not out-dancing their amateur teammates.  Good choreography.  Nice lines.  Good variety. A very unified performance.  Judges loved it and gave this a perfect 30
Bindi - Team "Who Ya Gonna Call" - Carlos, Alexa, Nick and Bindi,
Good opening set-up.  Nice sexy ghosts.  Nick is the weakest link, but is still holding his own.  The hover-boards add an interesting element.  Great hand synchronization, Great ending lift of Alexa. Carlos & Witney and Bindi & Derek were the strongest in freestyle.  Though I don't always like Mark's choreography, I must say that Alexa performs it full out and quite nicely.  28 which was accurate.
Hayes Grier was removed from the show.  A tough blow.  He did a great job throughout, but was not quite strong enough to be a contender.
My prediction is that Bindi, Carlos and Andy will be in a run-off for the trophy.
That's my week 7 review. 

If you have comments about my review, please send them to philtex44@aol.com

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