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Dancing With The Stars Review


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Each week Imperial Society of Teachers of Dacning Fellow and Examiner Phillip Stephens offers a review of the ABC hit show Dancing With The Stars. Phillip shares his thoughts on each couple, their costumes, their performance, their score, the judges' comments, etc, and offers great insight into the world of dancing. Click here for this weeks review

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Dancing With The Stars Week 5

Dancing With The Stars 10/12/2015 Review
Phillip B Stephens, Fellow and Examiner
Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
Week 5 featured a switch of partners as chosen by the show's audience.  This provided an interesting aspect to the routines.  The show opened with a very nice performance featuring the pros and stars.
Maks Chmirkovskiy was the week 5 Guest Judge, and proved to be a very fair judge who offered very helpful comments on all the performances.
Tamar Braxton with Louis Van Amstel - Samba
Dancing with a different partner is a challenge, but they sure had an excess of drama in that video package preview.  They look good together and the backup group is a nice touch.  They were nicely in sync with the group and each other all the way.  Tamar had some sloppy leg actions after the 2nd group section.  The performance was reasonably good, but she looked nervous.  Maks was kind, but honest.  Bruno noted her loss of balance and missed connections.  Kari Ann also noted their lack of connection.  Julianne noted that the routines this week are long and that this was a challenge for the performers.  29 - just a bit high.
Hayes Grier with Allison  Holker - Viennese Waltz
He looks quite nice in the tails.  So few people wear them these days, and I'm sure he never has before now, so this was a good experience for him.  Nice lines, but some bad posture and a few frantic moves.  A good routine performed adequately, but not a stellar presentation.  (But he does look quite like the Prince Charming of fairy tales.)  Bruno called his rise and fall a bit kangaroo-ish.  Kari Ann loved the routine. Julianne noted his arm lines were never completed.  Maks gave a good critique, and yet the audience booed.  Either that's put on, or the audience doesn't understand the reason for the criticisms.  30, which is a bit high for that performance.
Paula Deen with Mark Ballas - Swing
Her outfit is "cute", but could have been tailored a bit better.  She's off time, but is performing well.  Not much life in the swing part, but it was a clever routine.  It was what I call "showy", but not "dancey".  Kari Ann thought that was Paula's best dance? She must have been using some of California's "medicinal marijuana" during the break! Julianne felt the same?  Are they BOTH on Medi Mary? Maks liked it, but wanted to see more Jive. (That was so slow I didn't know it WAS a Jive!).  Bruno thought it was flat and noted that she shuffled through it.  26.  The lady judges were too generous
Alek Skarlatos with Emma Slater - Rumba
They look nice together.  He is amazing in many ways.  Good timing, nice lines, fairly good footwork, uses hip action, is crisp with syncopations and seems very comfortable with these movements that are all so new to him.  The judges really like his dancing, but they - and I - would like to see more facial expression.  29 - I did think that was a better performance than those scores reflect.  Paula Deen got 26 for a crappy Swing/Jive and this guy only got 29 ... Raspberries to the judges on this one!
Bindi Irwin with Val Chmirkovskiy - Cha Cha
She is a talented and expressive dancer.  Her leg actions are not 100%, but quite close.  She uses her feet and legs well and commits fully to what she's doing.  This was fast, and she did have a problem now and then with unfinished lines, but it was still VERY good.  Maks loved it.  I agree with Bruno that she gives a lift to the spirit.  Kari Ann noted additional confidence.  Julianne views her as a ray of sunshine.  37, and well deserved.
Carlos PenaVega with Lindsay Arnold - Quickstep
A very unique opening.  He has good frame and great expression.  This is a truly challenging routine and he is hitting every move with energy and pizazz.  That was a GREAT performance!  Hard to believe this was with a different partner.  They looked as if they'd been dancing together for quite some time.  Bruno loved it.  Julianne and Maks also loved it.  39, and absolutely deserved.
Alexa PenaVega with Derek Hough - Tango
Too much positivity in the preview package for me.  Alexa is a beautiful woman.  I didn't like her skirt, but she performed well.  Some actions were a bit harsh, but she was in a good dance position and made all her positions and lines quite nicely.  She seemed much more sure of herself in that routine than with Mark.  40 - and well deserved.
Andy Grammer with Sharna Burgess - Argentine Tango
Good lines and presentation in the opening, spoiled slightly by weak posture.  His timing is good and the lifts look effortless.  I really like the look and feel of this performance with this particular piece of music.  A great job.  Judges liked it.  He really is a good performer.  36, and very much deserved
Nick Carter with Witney Carson - Paso Doble
A very dynamic opening that went a bit off in the partnership moves.  He does make good lines and his actions were generally synced with hers.  Maks didn't like this Paso, and I'm wondering if that had to do with the music.  All the judges gave good, positive comments.  35 - a wee bit high.
A very good show.

That's my review of week 5.

If you have comments about my review, please send them to philtex44@aol.com

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